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Emergency dental services at Pediatric Smiles and Braces of Orem, UT.

Emergency Dental Services at Pediatric Smiles and Braces

Are you in urgent need of professional dental care for your child? Look no further! At Pediatric Smiles and Braces in Orem, UT, we specialize in providing exceptional emergency dental services for children. Our team of highly skilled pediatric dentists understands the importance of immediate attention when it comes to dental emergencies. With our child-friendly environment and state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure that your child receives the best possible care in a comfortable setting.

Why Choose Our Pediatric Emergency Dental Services?

  1. Specialized Pediatric Dentists: Our dentists have extensive experience in treating dental emergencies in children. They possess the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of pediatric dental issues with care and precision.
  2. Quick Response: We understand that dental emergencies can occur at any time. That’s why we offer prompt appointments for urgent cases, ensuring that your child receives immediate attention when they need it the most.
  3. Child-Friendly Environment: We have designed our office with children in mind. From colorful and engaging waiting areas to gentle and compassionate staff members, we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment that helps alleviate any anxiety your child may have.
  4. Comprehensive Emergency Services: We offer a wide range of emergency dental services for children, including:
    • Toothaches and Dental Pain Relief: We provide immediate relief from toothaches and dental pain, addressing the underlying causes to prevent further discomfort.
    • Dental Trauma Management: Our dentists are skilled in handling dental injuries such as knocked-out teeth, fractured teeth, and cuts to the mouth. We employ techniques to restore and preserve the affected teeth.
    • Emergency Tooth Extractions: In cases where a tooth cannot be saved, our dentists perform safe and efficient extractions while ensuring your child’s comfort.
    • Treatment of Dental Infections: We diagnose and treat dental infections promptly, preventing them from spreading and causing further complications.
    • Orthodontic Emergencies: If your child has orthodontic appliances and experiences an emergency, we can provide the necessary adjustments or repairs to keep their treatment on track.
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Q&A With Dr. Shepherd About Emergency Dental Situations.

Q: What do I do if my child gets a tooth knocked out?

A: If your child is 6 or older there is a good chance that the tooth lost is an adult (permanent) tooth. This situation requires immediate attention. Call our office as soon as possible! There is a very narrow window to replant the lost tooth before it becomes hopeless to do so. If the child will let you, place the tooth back in the socket it came out of and have someone hold it in place as you travel to our office. If you cannot replant the tooth it would be best to place it in milk and call us as soon as possible at 801-434- 5437(KIDS)

Q: What if my child’s face is swollen or began swelling?

A: This is a sign that there could be an infected or abscessed tooth. This situation can turn into a medical emergency rather quickly and need dental attention as quickly as possible to prevent any serious complications.

Q: Can dental injuries be prevented?

A: Your child’s risk for dental injuries can be reduced greatly by following a few simple suggestions. First, reduce risk for severe oral injury in sports by wearing protective gear, including a mouthguard. Second, always use a car seat for young children and require seat belts for everyone else in the car. Third, child-proof your home to prevent falls and electrical injuries. Regular dental check-ups provide Dr. Shepherd an opportunity to discuss additional age-appropriate preventive strategies with your child.

Contact Us for Pediatric Emergency Dental Care

Don’t wait in distress during a dental emergency. Reach out to Pediatric Smiles of Orem for immediate and reliable pediatric emergency dental services. Our compassionate team is ready to assist your child and provide the necessary care they deserve. Call us today at (801) 434-5437 to schedule an appointment or to receive guidance on managing your child’s dental emergency.

Remember, we are here to help your child smile confidently, even during unexpected dental situations.

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