Five Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Getting Braces for Their Child

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Girl having her teeth examined by a dentist

As your child approaches those wonderful teen years, the thought of facing yet another major cash outlay for straightening their teeth may be the one that sends you and your budget over the edge. 

Beyond the potentially high price tag, the uncertainty and complexity of the whole braces saga can add a level of stress to a family’s already hectic existence.


Good News on the Braces Front

The good news is that despite the war stories you may have heard about getting braces for your child, there are orthodontists in the market now who are passionate about providing reasonably-priced, high-quality orthodontic care to as many families as possible. It may take some searching and second or third opinions, but a great fit for your budget can be found that will still provide the highest quality care. 


Questions to Guide Your Braces Search

As you evaluate the options for your child, here are five questions you should make sure you are comfortable with before moving forward with braces for a child.



  • Braces Are a Stretch for My Family. Does My Child Really Need Them?


An exam and consultation with an experienced orthodontist will help you decide to what extent your child will benefit from orthodontic treatments. However, the important point is that price shouldn’t be a deterrent from providing your child with the care they need. The initial consultation should be free. Affordable orthodontics are available from highly trained and experienced professionals. Find a professional who is willing to work within your child’s health and budget needs.



  • What’s the Price? All-In? Including Complex Add-ons.


Orthodontic work should be quoted on an all-inclusive basis for the entire treatment plan. Be aware of offices that include contingencies and upcharges for more complex cases, different phases of work, and other add-ons. These can all potentially increase the final price you will pay. Be sure you are looking at a complete, all-in price, not just a low introductory price.



  • Does A Good Plan Have to Be Complicated?


While orthodontics requires a high level of skill and experience, the treatment and plan should be very clear and simple to understand. If the proposed treatment plan or pricing doesn’t make sense to you, get clarification, or get a second opinion. This should be a simple, low-stress experience.



  • What Are the Cost/Quality Trade-Offs?


Considering quality trade-offs in order to get a lower price is not a good idea when dealing with your child’s teeth and health. These days, orthodontic treatments using the highest quality materials and methods from skilled and experienced doctors are within reach of most family budgets. You may have to do some searching and get several opinions, but highly effective treatments are available from doctors who are passionate about providing the highest quality of care to as many families as possible.



  • What Special Training Should My Doctor Have?


While many general dentists perform orthodontic treatments, the highest quality care for your child will be from a doctor who has specialized in orthodontic care, and ideally with specialized training and experience in pediatric dentistry.


Every child deserves the finest dental care available. That includes braces and orthodontic care. Answering these questions, plus your own specific queries will help ensure you receive the best possible solution for your child, your family, and your budget. 





At Pediatric Smiles and Braces, we are passionate about providing high-quality, affordable dental care at a price point that is family budget-friendly. Getting braces for your child should be simple, not stressful. With our “Every Child Smiles” policy we work hard to make braces affordable for as many families as possible. For more details visit our website: https://pediatricsmilesandbraces.com/braces/

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