Gum, Fruit Snacks, Flossing With Braces…What’s Best for Your Child’s Teeth?

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Gum, Fruit Snacks, Flossing With Braces…What’s Best for Your Child’s Teeth?

Truth vs. Urban Legend


You may be surprised at the answers from these pediatric dental experts.


With COVID-19 restrictions easing, it may be time to start thinking about getting your child back into a more regular routine, including getting into the dentist for a regular checkup. 


The #1 Question Parents Ask?

What is the number one question parents ask at their child’s dental visit? “How can I prevent my child from getting cavities?” Our pediatric dentists shared their expert answers on this and other key childrens’ teeth issues in a series of short videos that you and your children will love.


Some of these ideas might surprise you. Things you may currently think are best or worst for your child’s teeth turn out to be mere urban legends.


Legend-Busting Video Series for Parents and Children

Here are some of the key questions the professionals at Pediatric Smiles and Braces address in the videos: 


  • The perfect cavity-causing snack food, and why it’s so bad for your child’s teeth. It’s a snack your child likely loves and eats regularly because it looks so healthy.
  • Should I let my child chew gum? You may be surprised at the answer.
  • What about soda? Chips? Pretzels?
  • Does breastfeeding increase the risk of cavities for my toddler?
  • Should my child floss while wearing braces?
  • The three things that will make the biggest difference in your child’s dental health


Be in the Know – Truth vs. Urban Legend

Get the facts from pediatric dentist specialists on the foods and practices that will contribute most to avoiding cavities and keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy. Check out this video series today and find out if what you’ve heard about these subjects is the truth, or merely urban legends being passed around as fact.


Click Here to View the videos:

  • Gum talk
  • The Perfect Cavity-causing snack
  • Tooth Talk: Breastfeeding and Cavities, Bad Snacks
  • Flossing and Braces


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