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Why The Trend of Teeth Whitening For Kids Needs to Be More Carefully Thought Out

Why The Trend of Teeth Whitening For Kids Needs to Be More Carefully Thought Out

Teeth Whitening. We see it all the time when kids come in for a routine cleaning or a treatment. Their teeth seem to have increased a shade or two in whiteness since the last time we saw them. How do we know it wasn’t just improved dental habits at home? Aside from the obvious signs of bleaching, we only have to ask one question: “Did they have school pictures recently?”

Mom and dad want the kids to look as good as they can for their school pictures so they do everything from new clothes, a haircut and some teeth whitening. The problem is that teeth whitening can have some pretty severe effects on baby teeth. Here are some things you should consider before whitening your child’s teeth.

Chemical Safety

Many popular teeth whitening strips on the market today have a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. White hydrogen peroxide can help whiten the teeth, but it can also cause tooth sensitivity when it is used too often. So if you’re going to whiten your child’s teeth, don’t make a habit of doing it too often. If your child’s teeth become far too sensitive, it could easily affect their eating habits and prevent them from eating foods they need to keep growing healthy bones and muscles.

Natural Discoloration

Discoloration is going to happen as a child gets older just like it does for the rest of us. There are lots of things that can contribute to tooth discoloration. Foods and drinks like soy sauce, sodas and vinegar are obvious culprits for teeth staining. If you want to avoid discoloration in your child’s teeth, avoid frequently consuming those types of foods and try using a children’s teeth whitening toothpaste like Kids Mineral Toothpaste from Dr. Brite.

Inconclusive Data

Opinions among dentists vary about whether teeth whitening is safe for kids or not. Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry warns parents against the use of over-the-counter teeth whitening products since they are still relatively new and still need more studies to form a strong consensus among experts. So, until then, parents are cautioned against the use of products like whitening strips on young people. If you would like to whiten your child’s teeth, it would be best to consult your pediatric dentist first.

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