We’re Here For You in the Crisis

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Special emergency hotline

We’re Here For You in the Crisis

And looking forward to seeing you in the office soon.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unanticipated challenges that have affected each of us in significant ways. Our daily passion for serving wonderful patients and families 

Above all else, we want you to know we are here for you. No matter the length of this journey or the twists and turns that may come along, our first priority is to ensure that your child’s dental needs are taken care of to the best of our ability.


Here For You in the Crisis

As you know, in order to do our part in helping curb the spread of the Coronavirus, we chose to comply with state and national guidelines and temporarily suspend regular office visits. We recognize the disruption this may cause many children and families, and we are doing our best to reschedule routine visits for future times slots when we expect to be open and operational again. 

We remain open for emergencies and are here to take care of your child’s urgent care dental needs. If your child is experiencing severe pain, abscess, trauma or other emergency needs, call us immediately and we will get them in for treatment. 


We have set up a special emergency hotline for this purpose: 801-709-3969

Also, if you have questions for our doctors, please go to our website home page and click the button “Questions for Our Doctors” under their pictures. Our website is: https://pediatricsmilesandbraces.com/


Safety in the Office

For those coming in for emergency care, we have implemented a number of safety measures to ensure safe social distancing and disinfecting of surfaces. These measures include:

  • Safe social distancing. To avoid waiting room proximity, when you arrive for your appointment, please stay in the car and call our front desk. We will then meet you at the door and walk you right into the exam room without stopping in the waiting room or interacting with other patients or families.


  • Disinfecting Surfaces. While our operatories are always disinfected between visits, we have implemented a procedure to disinfect other surfaces patients may come into contact with, including counters, door handles, chairs, phones, etc. We use medical-grade cleaning supplies that are safe and effective.


  • Care Provider Protection. Our doctors and staff are well equipped with protective equipment to help keep you safe, including the proper gloves and masks.


Orthodontics Situations and Priority List

If your child is having troubles with their braces – brackets that have come off, loose or broken wires, etc. – call and we can discuss options for getting things taken care of.

Also, we have initiated a priority waiting list for scheduling appointments once the office is fully operational again.  If your child needs to be seen soon, but is not in a current emergency situation, call and get on the priority list so we can get you in quickly once we’re open. We’ll make extra days and times available in order to accommodate priority cases.


The Transition to Open

We hope to be opening the office again soon for regular visits. This will be based upon recommendations from state and national professional dental associations, health officials and government entities. We will keep you informed as to our projected dates for returning to normal office visits and hours.


Priority Schedule List

As we transition back to normal operations, we will be working hard to catch up on missed appointments and get your child in for the care they need.  Our more urgent patients’ needs will always be a priority. 

To help ensure a smooth process, we invite you to call and add your name to the priority scheduling list. We will work first from that list to schedule visits, always accommodating emergency and urgent cases as well. If you have an urgent need, we should be able to get your child in that same day for care.


Thanks For Your Understanding

Through this challenging time, we appreciate your patience in working with us to do our collective part in helping contain the reach and effects of this pandemic. We look forward to seeing you in the office soon.

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