World Class Dentistry for Your Child on a Family Budget? Check.

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Pediatric Smiles Family

Affordable and highest quality dentistry for children doesn’t have to be either-or. It can be “And.”

Family budgets are tight. Just when you get a little breathing room, it seems something else comes along for Brock or Kinzie. The last thing any parent needs is a hefty unplanned dental bill for their child. 

Unlike many other items in the family budget, dental services don’t typically come with 50% off coupons or after Christmas sales. When Sophie needs fillings or braces, she needs them now. And dental work isn’t something you necessarily want to scrimp on anyway. 

Enter World Class, Affordable

Fortunately, there are dentists who have learned the art of making top-notch care, technology and materials affordable for most families with growing children. “When I specialized in pediatric dentistry, I soon realized what a stretch it is for many families to get proper dental care for their children,” said Adam Shepherd, pediatric dentist at Pediatric Smiles and Braces in Orem, UT. “I made the commitment, and have built the practice, around the vision of providing top-notch care that can fit most family budgets.”

That’s no easy task. Other providers may scrimp on quality of materials, technology or technique to bring the cost down. But Pediatric Smiles’ “My Own Child” policy demands the best materials and care for children and families. It means the doctors treat the patient as they would their own child, and provide the finest care at the most reasonable cost available.

With years of advanced training, highly efficient workflow, and excellent staff, the practice has perfected the world class/affordable balance that has been a lifesaver for many young families on tight budgets.

Why I’m Here, and Stay Here

When Dr. Dave Anderson finished his pediatric dentistry specialization and was considering different practice options, he was intrigued with the approach Pediatric Smiles and Braces had developed. “I was frankly blown away by what I discovered,” said Dr. Anderson. “I could see the tremendous value the practice was providing by keeping prices low for patients. I expected to find that they were scrimping on quality and materials, but found just the opposite. It’s a key reason I’m here, and stay here. I love providing that kind of value to young families. It’s a very rare find.”

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